Due to the general decree of the Free State of Saxony, the Mensas and Cafeterias of Studentenwerk Leipzig remain closed from Wednesday, 18 March until presumably 20 April 2020.

Not only the freshly made burgers and buns lure the students  in our cafeteria during the breaks. From daily changing snacks, such as fish, soups or Flaguettes over freshly made smoothies to healthy breakfast with the popular Overnight Oats - nothing left to be desired here.

On The Menu

The weekly menu

  • Monday: various soups – always including one vegetarian and one vegan soup
  • Tuesday: two different burgers, one of them vegetarian
  • Wednesday: flaguettes and sweets as offered
  • Thursday: two different burgers, one of them vegetarian
  • Friday: fish as offered
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: smoothie bowls

Varied cafeteria menu

  • Fair trade coffee and coffee drinks
  • Fair trade teas
  • Fair trade bars
  • Sandwiches, subs, bread rolls and flaguettes
  • Pies, brownies, and cookies (also self-made and vegan) while stocks last
  • Overnight oats
  • Hot and cold snacks
  • Various salads
  • Plastic-free chewing gums made of tree gum

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