Resident satisfaction

Survey of students living in halls of residence

Every two years, in collaboration with the other Studentenwerke in Saxony the Studentenwerk Leipzig carries out surveys of resident satisfaction in its accommodation.
The results are intended to help further improve the range of accommodation on offer in the halls of residence and to even better consider the tenants' wishes when it comes to planned construction projects. The aim is also to identify and rectify any problems.

Our survey about the satisfaction on living conditions ended in December 2012 with a record level of engagement. We thank all 1.800 participants for their criticism and suggestions.   

Here is a detailed report on survey of resident satisfaction, published in our magazine "Eins für Sieben" in April 2013.

Below you will find the latest results of the survey of resident satisfaction.

Results of last surveys:

Results of survey from 26.11. to 12.12.2012

Results of survey from 15.11 to 5.12.2010

Results of survey from 17.11 to 7.12.2008

Results of survey from 20.11 to 10.12.2006